Space MUSCAT (Multi-Utility Spacecraft Charging Analysis Tool)

It is a tool for analyzing risks caused by spacecraft charging in every space plasma environment on LEO, PEO, GEO, or interplanetary space. You can build a project using GUI for modeling a spacecraft and setting various conditions.
It had initially developed by cooperation with JAXA and Kyusyu Institute of Technology. We own the intellectual property rights, and keep it on upgrading.
We would also offer analysis services using Space MUSCAT if you would show any necessary information of your satellite.


TURANDOT (Tactical Utility for Rapid ANalysis of Debris on Orbit Terrestrial)


It analyzes spacecraft damages with high accuracy resulting from collisions with space debris. The tool has been an standard software in JAXA.
It is equipped an integrated graphical user interface (GUI). Spacecraft models formatted by any computer-aided design (CAD) system as Standard for the Exchange of Product (STEP) model data can be imported instead of modeling by TURANDOT GUI. MASTER-2005, MASTER-2009 and ORDEM2000 are handled for debris flux database in analyses.

Customized Development of Software

We customize our 3D electrostatic plasma particle code incorporating nested grid system. It has applied for analyzing an ion engine system and a travelling wave tube system.
Our geometory modeling tool with Cartesian grids generation which is equipped in Space MUSCAT and TURANDOT is also customized to fit for your analysis solvers.


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